Whitebead School seeks passage of bond proposals

By Jeff Shultz


Two bond proposals will be on an April 2nd ballot for patrons of Whitebead Schools.

The first bond issue is for $60,000 to replace outdated climate control units with more energy efficient units.

The second bond will be a $240,000 transportation bond to replace three school buses, two of which are 20-years old.

“Some of our heating and air conditioning units are 30-plus years old,” said Steven Vines, a Whitebead teacher and organizer for the bond election.

According to Vines if the bonds are passed the property tax burden would be minimal.

“It would add 70 cents to every $100 in property taxes,” he said.

The last time Whitebead passed a general bond election was in 2005. Funds from those bonds helped the district purchase new buses.