Real Estate

CARPENTRY HOUSES FOR SALE: Mid-America Technology Center is offering for sale by sealed bid two houses, to be bid individually. House #1 (Blue Cottage), is a 720 sq ft (mol) frame house. House #2 (Rustic Green) is a 720 sq ft (mol) frame house, (FOB), Mid-America Technology Center, Wayne, OK. Please visit to see photos. Houses must be moved by August 1, 2019. Moving costs are the responsibility of the buyer. Contact Denny Prince at 405-449-3391 for more information. Bring or mail sealed bids to Denny Prince, Asst. Supt., Mid-America Technology Center, 27438 State Highway 59, P.O. Box H, Wayne, OK 73095-0210. Bids must be received by 4:00 pm, June 6, 2019. Mark outside of envelope “House BID #1 (Blue Cottage)” or “House BID #2 (Rustic Green)”. You may bid on one or both houses. 5/17/3tc