Two Oklahoma artists to be showcased at The Vault

The Vault Pauls Valley will showcase two Oklahoma artists in an art show titled “They’re A Riot,” featuring the art of Pamela Bell and Tim Kenney.

The show will begin Friday, July 27, and will run through September 1, and will be included in the Pauls Valley Arts Council’s Fifth Friday Art Walk on August 31.

Pamela Bell

“I love to paint things that speak to me, whether it’s something from my travels or someone else’s photograph.  I love everything from lions to flowers to beautiful sunsets.  I truly enjoy when someone finds pleasure in something that I have created.  I hope my work speaks to you, too.”

Pamela Bell began painting in the fall of 2007 when a friend encouraged her to take classes from Carol Armstrong in Norman, Okla. 

Having painted with her grandmother one week when she was a child, she knew that painting was something that she would enjoy. 

Bell drew inspiration from her artist grandmother who didn’t start her painting career until she was in her 50’s.  

Her artwork can be seen at Gallery 123 in Norman.  She was awarded a first place in the Seascape category for ‘Costa Rican Sunset 1” at the Oklahoma Art Guild.   

She displays artwork at the SOCA (Students of Carol Armstrong) Art Shows and at Business After Hours at McClain Bank in Norman, Okla.   

Bell is happy to serve on the board of the Nicole Jarvis, M.D. Parkinson’s Research Foundation and donates her artwork for fundraising at the Foundation’s annual galas.

She and John live in Norman. They have two grown children, Brandon and Morgan.  Pamela and John love to travel the world.

Tim Kenney

“I see color where there is no color.”

Artist Tim Kenney is noted for his thickly textured and colorful oil paintings. 

His easily recognizable impressionistic style lends itself to his favored subjects of aspens, flowers, sunsets and landscapes.

Kenney has been painting oil on canvas for 10 years, starting when he was 52 years old. 

Prior to 2007, he had never completed a painting.  Even with the success he has already achieved, his art continues to evolve.

He too studies painting with Carol Armstrong of Norman.

Kenney’s ideas for paintings come from life. His unique use of color is the one thing he hears most people comment on when looking at his art. 

Surprisingly Kenney often tells people that he is painting color even when none existed in the original scene.   

While painting trees, flowers, skies or valleys it can be the color that draws him, but even more often it’s the feeling he has when he views a scene that influences his painting. 

Ultimately, these impressions dictate the colors he uses in the final artwork.

In 2014 Kenney embarked on a trip with the successful goal of creating 50 paintings – in 50 states – in 50 days, traveling throughout the continental United States, Hawaii and Alaska. 

He donated 20 percent of all proceeds to Parkinson’s research.    

He once again donated 20 percent of proceeds in 2017 from 77 paintings on a journey to all 77 Oklahoma counties in 77 days. 

The Vault Art Space and Gathering Place, commonly referred to as The Vault Pauls Valley, is an art gallery and private event venue in historic downtown Pauls Valley.  Artist Exhibitions are held throughout the year. 

The art gallery is open from 10 am to 5 pm on weekdays, but visitors are encouraged to contact to reserve a time on weekends or evenings. 

The Vault Art Space and Gathering Place is also a stop on Oklahoma’s Adventure Road.