Trump, Biden win in Garvin County

By Jeff Shultz

Managing Editor

Garvin County voters made it clear whom they want on the ballot in November as voters from both political parties participated in the Presidential Primary this past Tuesday.

President Donald Trump was the solid choice of county Republicans as he took 97.16% of the GOP ballots cast Tuesday.

Trump’s win in Garvin County almost mirrored the president’s overwhelming win statewide as Trump grabbed 92.6% of the ballots in Oklahoma.

In the Democrat Primary, Joseph Biden was the clear choice of Democrats in both Garvin County and the state.

Biden won with 37.29% of the Democrat ballots cast in Garvin County while notching a win across the state with 38.67% of the ballots cast Tuesday.

Garvin County preferred Michael Bloomberg (17.15%) over the rest of the candidates on the Democratic ticket while Bernie Sanders (25.43%) was the second choice among Democrats statewide.

Sanders was Garvin County’s third choice, grabbing 16.97% of the county ballots, according to the Garvin County Election Board.

Bloomberg was third across Oklahoma, getting 13.9% of the ballots cast Tuesday.

Bloomberg barely beat Elizabeth Warren who received 13.38% of the ballots cast statewide.

In Garvin County, Warren received 11.63% of the votes.

The next big election in Oklahoma is the April 7 Board of Education General Elections and Special Elections.