Suspect identified in Maysville break-in

Emergency vehicle lights flashing, police car inspecting city, security service


By Jeff Shultz

Maysville Police Chief Aaron Glass believes he has a suspect in the Maysville Elementary School break-in.

The problem is waiting on the DA’s office to sign the warrant for the suspect’s arrest.

“We’ve made an application for a warrant for his arrest but we don’t have it yet,” he said.

Glass told the News Star he had multiple leads from the general public and that, along with other security camera images, led him to identify the suspect.

“You wouldn’t believe how many calls we took after his photo was made public,” he said.

Glass said he couldn’t identify the suspect until he is charged.

“He’s moving around from motel to motel trying to stay one step ahead of us,” he said.

The Maysville break-in was one of three elementary school burglaries that took place on September 2 and 8.

Two elementary schools in Pauls Valley were hit as well. 

On September 2 someone broke into Jackson Elementary School and then on September 8 – the same date as the Maysville burglary – someone broke into Lee Elementary School.

Pauls Valley Assistant Police Chief Derrick Jolly said he would be interested in talking to the Maysville suspect once he is in custody.

“We didn’t have any security camera images at either grade school,” he said.

All three schools hit had little damage to the property and very few items taken from them.

If anyone has information on the two Pauls Valley burglaries, please call the Pauls Valley Police Department at 405-238-5531.