Digital Subscription (Pay by Mail)

Paid subscribers to this service can have each week’s issue of the Garvin County News Star delivered in PDF format to their computer desktop, smart phone or electronic tablet. Great for subscribers living outside of Garvin County and Oklahoma who have to wait days to get the printed copy of the paper.

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 1 year digital subscription in additon to my printed subscription. 
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DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION TERMS: A Digital Subscription to the News Star is a separate subscription service in addition to a regular subscription to the News Star. Regular subscribers to the News Star who want to subscribe to the digital service have the choice of keeping their regular subscription to the printed copy of the News Star along with the digital copy (paying for both subscriptions), or cancelling their regular subscription to opt for the digital subscription. Cancelled regular subscriptions will be transferred to a digital subscription and the mailed printed copy of the News Star will cease. Regular subscribers who opt for the digital subscription will not be billed for a digital subscription until their regular subscription comes due again.