Stratford teen attacked by two adults

By Ronda Cowen
News Star Reporter

On Tuesday, September 18th, Stratford police received a call of a fight in progress.
When Assistant Chief Aaron Graves and Officer Aaron Workman responded, they interviewed a 16 year-old male who claimed that he was walking down the road when he was approached by an adult male.
The male asked him about another teen’s whereabouts. The juvenile male told him he didn’t know where his acquaintance was.
The adult male walked off and returned shortly with another adult and they allegedly began to hit him. The juvenile male managed to get away and run to his brother’s house, which was nearby.
The Stratford police apprehended Jamie Lee McDonald and Hunter Jones later on in the evening.
They claimed that the juvenile male threw the first punch and that they were just acting in self-defense. An eyewitness to the altercation refuted their account and alleged that they attacked the juvenile with no provocation.
According to Police Chief Adam McMillan, McDonald is a registered violent offender.
On September 24th, McDonald and Jones were charged with felony child abuse by injury. McDonald’s bond was set at $15,000 and he was ordered to have no contact with the juvenile.
Jones’ bond was set at $10,000 and he was also issued an order of no contact.
Both men made bail that day. Their next court date is set for October 26th in the Garvin County Courthouse.