School Districts set sights on special bond elections

By Jeff Shultz


The new year brings new bond proposals for three Garvin County school districts.

Maysville, Paoli and Elmore City-Pernell will be seeking voter approvals on a wide range of bond issues in the next few months.

Voters in Maysville and Paoli will go to the polls to decide the fate of two bond issues while the EC-P school district will hold a special election on March 5.

In Paoli, school patrons will be asked to pass a $300,000 bond issue that will go toward a variety of projects in the district.

According to the election resolution filed with the Garvin County Election Board, the $300,000 bond issue will go toward the purchase of text book/and or technology equipment district wide ($150,000); acquire school owned vehicle(s) ($50,000); the acquisition of land and improvements to district sites ($50,000.00); and to perform security improvements district-wide, to include but not limited to new doors ($50,000).

Maysville voters will be going to the polls the same day to approve two propositions for the Maysville School District. Both propositions are for $110,000.00 each.

The first proposition will be to acquire technology equipment and textbooks district-wide, as needed ($27,650.00); purchase banquet tables and chairs ($8,350.00); and to acquire school owned vehicles $74,000.00.

The second $110,000.00 proposition will be to acquire school buses.

According to Maysville Superintendent of Schools Dr. Shelly Beach, the first bond issue will pay for “half of a new elementary computer lab and half of the new Language Arts/Grammar and Computer Application textbooks.”

The school vehicles sought by the district will be a new Agriculture Education pick-up and commercial van for student transportation, a new route bus and funds will go to pay off the lift bus.

“Lastly, banquet tables and chairs will be bought to utilize in the Multipurpose facility for school and community events,” she added.

“By voting for the two propositions on February 12th,” she said, “the students of Maysville Public School will have access to the newest technology and new classroom resources.” 

“The safety of transporting our students will be addressed by replacing vehicles that have in excess 120,000+ miles. 

“The bond propositions will also provide patrons with more comfortable seating at banquets, cemetery dinners and events, instead of the round cafeteria table stools.”

Beach emphasized the bond requests would make no tax change to patrons of the district.

“According to our bonding company, there would be no projected tax increase due to the fact we have one bond that is ending and the property valuations in our district have increased,” Beach explained.

The largest bond special election will be in Elmore City on March 5 where the EC-P schools are asking voters to pass an $18,240,000.00 school bond issue.

The biggest chunk of the bond issue will be used to build a new high school ($7,665,000.00), a new gymnasium ($8,640,000.00) and to make improvements to the football stadium ($1,810,000.00)

The remainder of the money will go toward a secure entry vestibule at the elementary school ($25,000.00) and to make renovations to the Ag facility ($100,000.00).