Poly Cart issue tops Maysville Town Board meeting

By Jeff Shultz

The locally controversial poly cart idea will be the hot topic of discussion when the Maysville Town Board meets Monday night.
According to Town Clerk Sandra Albright, there will be three companies at the Monday night meeting to offer information on the services they could provide the city.
“This is actually a MMA (Maysville Municipal Authority) agenda item. So we will be convening first as the MMA, not the Town Board like we usually do,” she said, noting the meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m.
MMA Trustees want as much public input on the matter and encourages residents who have an opinion on the matter to be at Monday night’s meeting.
Mayor Earl Morton said the city couldn’t afford to keep pouring money into repairs on the current trash truck used to empty the huge trash dumpsters located in the town.
“We have to get out of the trash business,” he said.
Morton said no decision would be made during Monday night’s meeting but a decision on the matter will be made soon.
Rules for the public to express their opinions on the matter are as follows:
•All comments will be held to a two-minute limit;
•All residents wishing to address the Board of Trustees must register prior to the start of the meeting; and
•If there are more than one person wishing to address the board on the same issue, in order to save time, the group should elect a representative to address the board.