Petition drive in Maysville won’t impact board seats

By Jeff Shultz

and Suzanne Mackey

Petitions seeking to recall Maysville Town Board members David Uhles, Cindy White, Mayor Earl Morton and Town Clerk Sandra Albright may ultimately end up being a lesson in futility.

The petitions, which circulated through Maysville in September, list the reasons for proposed recall of the municipal officers as: violations of the Open Meeting Act, not serving the best interest of the town or its citizens, and “Mis, Mal, and Non-Feasance of their sworn duties.” The petition seeking to recall Albright also alleges financial irregularities. 

The petition doesn’t indicate who is behind the recall drive, but does say the recall is proposed “as allowed by state statutes 26 O.S. § 13-101 Et. Seq.” 

While that statute does deal with municipal elections, it does not specifically address the process for recalling municipal officers.

According to the Oklahoma State Election Board, there are no state statutes that make provision for a municipal recall election. Municipal officers can only be recalled if a city or town is operating under a charter form of government and has a charter outlining a recall process for that municipality.

The Oklahoma Municipal League concurs, noting on their website, “There is no right to ‘recall’ a municipal official except if a municipality has a Charter that has a recall provision. 

“There is no general state statute that allows recall.”

The Town of Maysville does not have such a charter, according to City Attorney Tyler Perryman.

There are statutory means to remove elected officials from office in the event of serious criminal wrongdoing, but they require action initiated by the state attorney general or a district attorney, according to OML. 

Mayor Morton said he is not worried about the recall efforts, regardless.

“I’m not interested in it at all,” he told the News Star. “I have plenty to take care of, and I really don’t care what they’re trying to do.”