Peach Crop may be slim pickings for Peach Festival

By Ronda Cowen
News Star Reporter

The Garvin County area has been hit with unusually cold weather for the last few weeks.
A common question this time of year is if the weather will affect the peach harvest.
Craig Pullen of Pullen Peaches is doubtful any of his above ground crops, including his peaches, survived the freezing weather.
“I had bales of hay set out to burn, but the rain and wind kept me from it,” said Pullen. “When it gets below freezing for eight hours, it just kills all the new fruit.”
Renee Scott of SonShine Farms was more optimistic.
“It will take some time to see if any of the peaches survived,” said Scott. “It will just depend on the variety but the harvest has definitely been affected by the freezing weather.”
Some of the other area peach farms were unreachable at the time of publication, but with the freezing weather that blanketed the area, there is little hope that their harvest survived.
Over the past few years, the peach harvest for the area has been mostly sold-out before the Peach Festival rolled around, but peach vendors from other areas have brought in their crop to sell at the event.
Michelle Schwagel, Vice-President of the Stratford Little League Foundation encourages area vendors to e-mail her to receive an application. This is the third year that the Foundation has been in charge of the planning of the festival. Schwagel can be reached at Other information about the festival can be found at the Facebook page 2018 Peach Festival, Stratford, Ok. The page is kept updated regularly. At the time of the festival, the page will be a way for visitors to receive current information.
“I plan on going somewhere that didn’t get hit by the freezes to get my peach supply for this year,” said Pullen. “Losses from weather are just a part of farming.