Pauls Valley, Lindsay big winners in April sales tax collections


By Jeff Shultz

Pauls Valley and Lindsay businesses had a good April, according to the June distribution of sales tax collections by the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

The June distribution primarily represents local tax receipts from April business.

According to the OTC, Pauls Valley’s distribution was $42,650.53 higher than the June distribution one year ago when PV collected $482,574.72.

The next Garvin County city to come close to Pauls Valley was Lindsay. 

According to the OTC, Lindsay collected $265,676.12 in April, a $29,216.58 increase from June of 2018.

Other cities and towns showing an increase from one year ago were Maysville, Stratford and Wynnewood.

Maysville had an increase of $532.99 from last year; Stratford’s increase was $137.57; Wynnewood’s collections were $9,706.30 over last year’s disbursement.

Statewide the disbursement of $158,178,686 in sales tax collections returned to the cities and towns reflected an increase of $8,668,099 from the $149,510,587 distributed to the cities and towns in June last year.