New school zone lights and pedestrian crosswalk installed

boy and girls holding hands go to school crossing the road, kids go school


By Carlee Barnett
News Star Reporter

New school zone signs with flashing lights were installed in Stratford on October 16th.

Though they are no longer being used, the old signs are still up behind the new ones, but will be removed in the near future.

Unlike the previous signs, the flashing lights on the new signs are solar powered, which is a great way to help the town conserve a little energy.

The signs are also a little bigger and more noticeable with the lights fastened above and below the sign instead of only above like the previous signs.

Another valuable upgrade that came with the signs are pedestrian crosswalk lights installed within the signs so that the students can walk across the highway more safely.

To use the new crosswalk lights the students just push the button on the signs post and wait until given the signal before crossing.

According to Town Administrator Shannon Tice, “The new signs look great and most importantly, will help improve the safety of our students.”

The new signs were estimated to cost around $10,000, but thankfully due to an Oklahoma Department of Transportation grant Stratford received the new signs at no cost.