Maysville Town Board seeks dumpster service

By Jeff Shultz

After months of discussion on whether the city should convert to a poly cart trash service, the Maysville Municipal Authority voted to seek bids for someone to provide a dumpster service.
The decision to keep dumpster service was partially due to an offer made by Johnny Barrett of Washita Sanitation during last month’s MMA meeting.
“If you want to continue the dumpster service in town, then I’ll take it over,” Barrett told the trustees last month.
Barrett said he would purchase the equipment from the city and maintain the trash truck and dumpsters while providing dumpster trash service in Maysville.
The MMA has been seeking some type of solution to its trash service for several months due to the high cost of maintaining the trash truck and dumpsters.
“Most people I’ve talked to have told me they don’t want poly carts,” Barrett told the MMA Monday night.
The sealed bids are to be submitted by January 18, 2019.
In other business, Town Board members received a report from Infrastructure Solutions concerning the town’s water distribution system.
The report outlined several plans for improving the water system in Maysville, which included constructing new water wells, connecting to and purchasing water from either McClain County Rural Water District #8 or Pauls Valley.
Infrastructure Solutions was hired to evaluate the water treatment plant and prepare an engineering report to be used for future improvements in Maysville.
The group recommended the city should construct new water wells and replace critical water lines in town.
The cost of such a project was estimated to be over $11 million over a 40-year period.
Town Board members took no action on the matter but acknowledged receipt of the report.
Town Board and MMA Trustees also changed the pay periods for city employees.
Instead of getting paid twice a month, town employees will now be paid every two weeks with the first pay date beginning on January 17, 2019.
Trustees also approved the Holiday Schedule for 2019 as well as the Board Meeting Schedule.