Maysville Town Board accepts two resignations

By Jeff Shultz
Managing Editor

The Maysville Town Board accepted two resignations Monday night during its regular monthly meeting, one from the police department and one from a board member.
Board members began the meeting taking care of some monthly housekeeping measures.
Then came two proposed executive sessions to discuss the employment of Police Chief Matthew Perry and Officer Aaron Glass.
Board member David Uhles suggested the board take no action on the two agenda items.
“We’ve already discussed this to death,” Uhles said.
However, Glass told Mayor Earl Morton that he would like the board to meet in executive session concerning his job.
The board went into executive session and a few minutes later reconvened with Uhles announcing Glass’ resignation.
“Evidently we didn’t have Aaron in a position he wanted and he chose to resign. So, it’s with a heavy heart I move we accept his resignation,” Uhles said.
After that, the board then moved through the rest of the agenda quickly, taking care of some annual measures such as approving the 2020-2021 budget.
At the end of the meeting, board members had one new business item to discuss.
Board member Rodney Schroder submitted his resignation on Monday, prior to the meeting.
Without much discussion, board members accepted his resignation.
In the Maysville Municipal Authority (MMA) meeting, board members had several items that carried over from the town board meeting.
However, two agenda items did stand out.
One item was a raise in the emergency services charges appearing on residents’ water bills.
Trustees voted to raise the service charge by $1 a month, from $7 to $8. The reason for the raise was higher costs of providing for the service.
Board members approved an item to use Aberdeen Collections for collecting old MMA utility bills.
Town Clerk Sandra Albright told trustees that Aberdeen has been very successful in collecting municipal citations, and she recommended the trustees approve the agenda item.