Mann looking forward to being just a grandfathåer

By Jeff Shultz


For the first time in over 25 years, Garvin County District 3 Commissioner Johnny Mann will not be running for office.

Mann, who has been the District 3 Commissioner for the past 28 years, announced two-weeks ago he was ready to retire.

“Gina (his wife) retired a few years ago and I figured it was time to pass the hat to someone else,” Mann said, noting he’s looking forward to spending time with his grandkids.

When Mann first ran for his office, he was working as a road hand and foreman for then District 3 Commissioner Mandy Burnett.

“I had two opponents who filed against me and I beat them both without having a runoff,” he recalled.

In the 28 years he has served as District 3 Commissioner, he has seen a lot of changes at the Garvin County Courthouse.

“I’ve appointed every officer in the courthouse except for a county commissioner seat,” he said.

Along with the current renovations at the county courthouse, Mann has managed numerous road and bridge projects, fought for rural firefighters in the county and has served on several state associations.

“I was president of the County Officers and Deputies Association and was Secretary/Treasurer for the Association of County Commissioners,” he said.

Mann will be replaced by Mike Gollihare, who filed unopposed for the District 3 post.

“Mike’s a good man and I think he’ll do a good job,” Mann said. “He came to me a few years ago and said if I ever decided not to run, he’d like to file then.”

Gollihare has worked for Mann for the past 17 years.

Mann said the only piece of advice he could pass down to Gollihare is to, “Take care of your people, take care of your workers and treat everybody the same.”

Mann will serve through the rest of his term, which ends on the last day of December.

“I hope by then we’ll have the renovations and new jail construction underway,” he said.

The project will extend the sheriff’s office and increase the number of jail cells in the county jail. The project will also give the deputies some extra office space.

Mann said he will miss serving the county, but is excited about spending time with his family.

“I’ve appreciated everyone’s loyalty, support and friendship,” he said.