High Speed Pursuit on Highway 19 ends in Flames

By Carlee Barnett

News Star Reporter

At approximately 1:45 a.m. Tuesday morning, on duty Stratford police officer Alex Workman was patrolling Highway 19 inside Stratford city limits when he observed a vehicle being driven in a reckless manner. According to Workman’s report, a vehicle driving eastbound on Highway 19 was travelling at a high rate of speed and swerving erratically. Officer Workman activated his emergency lights and siren to initiate the traffic stop, at which point the suspect increased speed in an obvious attempt to flee. Workman pursued the rogue vehicle as it continued eastbound for approximately nineteen miles to the Highway 19 and Highway 1 junction. At that point, the driver lost control and the vehicle, ran off the road, putting an end to the pursuit. Immediately after the wreck occurred the vehicle caught fire. Officer Markman from Pontotoc County Police Department, along with officers from Lighthorse Police Department and Ada Police Department arrived on the scene to assist. The officers freed an individual that was trapped under the wrecked vehicle. The individual is suspected to have been a passenger in the vehicle during the pursuit. The driver and suspected passenger were taken to the hospital directly from the scene by ambulance. It was later discovered the vehicle was reported stolen and two firearms were also found in the vehicle at the scene. Officer Workman was unharmed during the high-speed pursuit and accident. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol took the lead on working the vehicle crash itself. The entire incident is still under investigation by the Stratford Police Department.