Hart fired as city attorney

By Jeff Shultz


City attorney Dean Hart had a short meeting last Monday night as the Maysville Town Board voted 3-2 to terminate Hart as Maysville’s City Attorney.

Board members Terri Smith, Cathy Nobles and Rodney Schroder voted to fire Hart while Mayor Earl Morton and Town Board Member David Uhles voted against the agenda item.

Nobles had the item listed on the Town Board’s agenda for Monday’s regular meeting.

Uhles questioned why she wanted to see Hart dismissed and Nobles answered, “The screaming, yelling and general unprofessionalism.”

Uhles quipped back, “You’ve raised your voice a few times during a meeting. Should we remove you from the board?”

“I’ve been on this board for eight years,” Uhles added, “and I haven’t heard him raise his voice to anyone during that time. And he’s never given us bad advice.”

Morton asked to hear from Hart on the matter and Hart stated he served at the mercy of the board.

“I’ve done a lot of free work for Maysville,” he added.

Uhles and Morton both said they wanted to go on record that they feel the move by Nobles, Smith and Schroder to dismiss Hart was a personal decision and that Hart should remain the city’s attorney.

As to who will replace Hart will be answered Thursday night, October 24, during a special meeting.

Listed on the agenda is an item to hire Scott Spratt as the city’s attorney for $500 per month.

According to records requested by the News Star, Hart was paid $266.30 per month. He also received health insurance benefits totaling $578.02 per month.

The move to terminate Hart came just days after the board voted to dismiss Aaron Glass as the city’s police chief.

In a special meeting held on Thursday morning, October 17, the same three who voted to remove Hart also voted to dismiss Glass.

Morton and Uhles voted to keep him.

The vote came after the board members met in executive session to discuss Glass’ work performance.

Elmore City officer Marc Thompson was named interim police chief, according to Maysville City Clerk Sandra Albright.

Whether Thompson will be Maysville’s new police chief will be decided during Thursday night’s special meeting.

There are two items on the agenda dealing with appointing a new police chief.

Mayor Morton wants to promote current police officer Matthew Perry while Schroder wants to hire Thompson.