Funny money nets arrests

From the Garvin County Sheriff’s Office

The Garvin County Sheriff’s Office is conducting an investigation into a counterfeit money scheme. 

The Sheriff’s Office has had reports of counterfeit bills being passed from Ardmore, Oklahoma to Oklahoma City, including a couple of convenience store located in and near Elmore City. 

The investigation lead the Sheriff’s Office to identify a person of interest, later identified as Heather Tucker, which had been passing the bills off as real currency. 

One convenient store had surveillance cameras located inside and was able to capture Tucker pass off the counterfeit bill. 

Based off the video, Tucker was identified and arrested and booked into the Garvin County Detention Center. 

Through the Sheriff’s Office investigation, they were able to identify other individuals of interest, which resulted in a search warrant of a residence located just southwest of Elmore City. 

The search warrant was executed and the deputies were able to locate several items for the making of counterfeit bills. 

The Sheriff’s Office seized several items including computers, printers, color ink and other items that are used in the process of making these bills. Also located through the search warrant were several counterfeit bills throughout the residence. 

The investigation is ongoing and the Garvin County Sheriff’s Office and the Secret Service are working together on this case. 

More arrests are suspected to come out of this investigation along with other charges from the surrounding counties.