Four arrested on drug related charges

By Ronda Cowen
News Star Reporter

Four different warrants were served in Stratford in the last week, all dealing with drugs.
On Tuesday, a search warrant was served at 210 South State Street in Stratford. Controlled dangerous substances were found in the property.
Arrest warrants were subsequently issued and served for the home’s occupants, Brianna McLean and Cody Wilkerson.
McLean was arrested for felony child neglect, two counts of felony distribution of marijuana and one felony count of maintaining a home where a controlled dangerous substance is kept. She was arraigned on a $10,000 bond and a $7,000 bond.
Wilkerson was arrested for felony child neglect and his bond was set at $7000.
Two other arrest warrants were issued and served on Sonny and Brenda Ornelas of Stratford for felony charges of possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute and use of a telcom device in the commission of a crime, which is also a felony charge. Each warrant held a $15,000 bond.
“We have been telling the community to be patient with us,” said Stratford Police Chief Steven Brooks. “Some of the warrants that will continue to come down have been in the works for a while. We are working hard to get these drugs out of Stratford and it is progressing nicely.”