Firemen host benefit tournament

By Ashley Gallagher
News Star Reporter

The county is coming together to raise support for a Stratford graduate who was severely injured in early May.
Clint Cosby, 21, suffered fourth degree burns on 25% of his body during a bonfire accident.
“He was in the hospital for a little over three weeks,” Cosby’s brother, Colton said. “During that time he had to do skin grafts on his hands, belly, back, thighs and calves.”
The Stratford Fire Department is hosting a benefit bass tournament and rib dinner June 13 to help the family pay for the grafts and other medical expenses.
The cost of the fishing tournament is $60, which includes a two-person team and two rib dinners. The tournament will be a 60/40 payout, with prizes for top teams. The weigh-in station will be at the Stratford Fire Department at 4 p.m., when individuals not involved in the tournament are welcome to attend the rib dinner for $10 per person.
Cosby said the time he spent in the hospital was “nerve-wracking” because he had to be alone due to the coronavirus.
“It was scary because I was not able to have family members with me, but I knew there was nothing I can do,” he said. “FaceTiming helped me get through it.”
Cosby is still healing from the accident, but he said he is recovering and adapting well to new challenges..
“I don’t have very good movement in my hands yet because the skin grafts make my skin so tight, and I’m having to learn to grip things again,” he said. “I’m also in pain from all of the grafts.”
Cosby said he is thankful for the community helping him during his recovery.
“The community has been very supportive to my family…my mom didn’t have to cook any dinners for about a month because of everyone bringing meals,” Cosby said.
“I just want to give a big thanks to everyone who has helped my family and made everything easier. It’s been a hard time, but no words can express how thankful I am to live in Stratford and be in a community like this.”
To enter the tournament or get more information, call or text Clint’s brother, Colton, at (580) 320-3967.