EC School Board Election Moved to April 7; Stratford Schools to Seek $620,000 Bond Issue

By Jeff Shultz

Managing Editor

The second Tuesday of February is normally set aside for the annual school elections. However, a change in the law now makes that date a primary race instead of the final school board election.

“The new law went into effect this year,” said Gayla Dean with the Garvin County Election Board.

“If there are more than two candidates in a school board race, then the second Tuesday is treated as a primary to determine what two candidates will advance to the general school board election in April.”

Since there are only two candidates in the only school board race in Garvin County, that race will be decided in the general election on April 7.

Renee’ Barber and Carl Stevens will face each other on April 7 to fill a seat on the Elmore City-Pernell Board of Education.

There will be other issues on the ballot on April 7 as the Stratford Board of Education voted last month in a special meeting to seek a $620,000 bond issue.

Stratford School patrons will be asked to approve the bonds with 85 percent of the proceeds going toward the following projects:

•To renovate, repair and/or remodel the ag building ($295,000).

•To renovate, repair and/or remodel the show barn ($35,000).

•To construct press boxes at the softball and baseball fields ($40,000).

•To perform drainage improvements to the backstop and seating area at the baseball field ($45,000).

•To replace HVAC equipment at the elementary school, as needed ($75,000).

•To acquire a school owned vehicle ($30,000).

•To acquire an ag truck ($45,000).

•To acquire and install a new phone system ($20,000).

•To acquire and install flooring at the elementary gym ($40,000).