EC-P High School goes virtual learning till Dec.1; Stratford-Wayne football game cancelled

EC-P Superintendent of Schools Sheila Riddle announced Friday, Nov. 6, that all in-class learning for the high school has been suspended until Dec. 1, 2020, due to COVID-19 problems.

Also, Stratford Superintendent of Schools Michael Blackburn announced the Stratford-Wayne football game for Friday, Nov. 6, has been cancelled due to COVID-19 problems at Wayne,

Below is a copy of the letter Riddle sent to parents and posted on the district’s Facebook page.

Dear Parents, 

Elmore City-Pernell School District has experienced a high number of positive cases and quarantines in the high school over the past week.  Due to the large amounts of positives and quarantines, the high school students will be transitioned to virtual learning beginning on Monday, November 9 and will continue until after Thanksgiving Break. High school students will be allowed to return to in-person learning on Tuesday, December 1.  High school teachers and staff members will report to the high school campus to deliver instruction virtually.  All indoor activities will be postponed until after Thanksgiving Break while outdoor activities will continue unless more cases develop. At this time, the elementary and middle school campuses will continue as normal unless cases begin to evolve on those campuses. 

A student that is placed on quarantine shall be isolated at their home. Students on quarantine are not allowed at any school facilities. Students that are on quarantine shall not gather with other quarantined students. If a student or students are found to break the quarantine, then those students and their parents will be referred to the health department for further action. It is extremely important that quarantine be followed to help reduce the amount of spread of the virus. 

Our goal is to maintain a healthy environment for all students and staff members so that we can continue with in-person learning and activities. The school will need all students and families to help by following the guidelines of wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands often and following quarantine rules. 


Sheila S. Riddle