BREAKING NEWS: General public to have limited access to Garvin County Courthouse due to COVID-19 issues

By Jeff Shultz

Managing Editor

The Garvin County Courthouse is now restricted to the general public due to COVID-19 related issues.

Visitors to the courthouse will be stopped at the sheriff’s office and will not be allowed to go further into the courthouse, according to Garvin County Emergency Management Director David Johnson.

“We are limiting public access past the west entry,” Johnson told the News Star.

The courthouse, and all of its functions, are still available to the public, he noted, but on a limited basis.

“We are asking the public to do as much business as possible by phone, mail or email. If necessary, they can conduct their business in person at the west entry,” Johnson said.

If a visitor must conduct business with a county office, they will be asked to wait until someone from that office can come down to the sheriff’s office and take care of them.

On Thursday, July 30, Garvin County reported 196 coronovirus cases, with 30 of those cases being active cases, according to the Oklahoma State Department of Health.