Badger Pride indeed

EC-P Band earns multiple awards so far this year

With the first semester under their belts, the EC-P Badger Pride Band has a lot to be proud of.

“All the achievements and accolades the band program has gotten this year are a product of their hard work and the strong foundation the students before them left,” said EC-P band director Stephen McCleskey.

“On top of the band specific awards, the students in the high school band have also earned the OSSAA Distinguished Academic Achievement Award for non-athletics groups that carry a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher,” he added.

McCleskey is in his fourth year as EC-P band director and seventh year teaching.

According to McClesky the band’s Superior Rating at the October OSSAA Regional Marching Contest, the Pride has the opportunity to achieve something that has never been done here at Elmore City-Pernell. 

“They have the opportunity to earn the OSSAA Sweepstakes Award, which would be equivalent to a state title in sports.”

Below is a list of awards the band has earned so far this year.

All band awards: 

1st in class parade and field at the Pauls Valley contest; 1st in class at the Chickasaw Marching Extravaganza; Superior Rating at the OSSAA Southwest Region Contest; 2018-2019 Distinguished Academic Achievement Award for the whole band having an average of 3.5 GPA. 

ECOBDA All-Region Band Members: 

7th: Blake Airington- 1st alternate tuba, Matthew Williams- 1st chair euphonium, Mason Daniel- 3rd chair euphonium, Austynn Duley- 7th chair clarinet, Riley Shreve- 9th chair clarinet, LeAnndra Johnson- 13th chair clarinet, 8th and 9th: Emily Pyle- 2nd alternate oboe, William Balentine- 2nd alternate trombone, Lauren Earp- 4th chair French horn, Ty Smith- 8th chair French horn; 10th-12th: Toby Pyle- 4th chair bass clarinet, Casen Lauderdale- 5th chair tuba 

SCOBDA All-District Band Members: 7th Grade- Kara Busey; 4th chair flute, Cheyanna Cannon; 8th chair flute, Jazmine Henderson; 9th chair, Austynn Duley; 1st chair clarinet, LeAnndra Johnson; 2nd chair clarinet, Riley Shreve; 8th chair clarinet, Zane Balentine; 1st chair trumpet, Addisyn Wilson; Ryan Stermer; 1st alternate trumpet, 6th chair trumpet, Lane Dellin; 2nd horn, Cameron Thorn; 1st chair trombone, Matthew Williams; 1st chair baritone, Mason Daniel; 2nd chair baritone, Connor Peltier; 4th chair baritone, Blake Airington; 3rd chair tuba, Taryn McCaa; 1st chair percussion, Hayden West; 1st alternate percussion

Junior High (8th and 9th grades)- Angel Hansen; 9th chair clarinet, Lauren Earp; 2nd chair French horn, Ty Smith; 4th chair French horn, Austin Wiggins; 8th chair trombone, William Balentine; 1st alternate trombone, Joshua Nelson; 1st alternate percussion

High School (10-12 grades)- Toby Pyle; 3rd chair clarinet (also made 3rd chair bass clarinet), Aby Tadlock; 12th chair clarinet, Tori Niblett; 2nd alternate clarinet, Casen Lauderdale; 1st alternate tuba

Toby Pyle earned second chair bass clarinet in the OSSBDA All-State band. He is ECP’s first all-stater since 2010.