On August 1, 2008, Jeff and Nanette Shultz purchased the Maysville News and Stratford Star from Kenneth and Lottie Wood and merged both papers into one countywide publication – The Garvin County News Star.

The Garvin County News Star is proud to be known as “Garvin County’s Hometown Newspaper,” with news coverage from Elmore City, Maysville, Stratford, Pauls Valley, Paoli and Wynnewood.

In 2019 Chris and Suzanne Mackey purchased the News Star from Jeff and Nanette and retained Jeff as the Managing Editor of the paper.

The newspaper is published as a weekly paper that hits newsstands on Friday. The News Star is also delivered to subscribers’ mail boxes every Friday and distributed to single copy dealers and U.S. Post Offices in Garvin County each Thursday to ensure each subscriber in Garvin County receives their paper on Friday. The News Star is printed by the Lindsay Web Press in Lindsay.

The Garvin County News Star is a legal newspaper in the State of Oklahoma, as prescribed by state law, and is eligible to publish all legal notices both in and outside of Garvin County.


Owner/Publisher: Chris Mackey
Reporter/Editor: Suzanne Mackey 
Managing Editor: Jeff Shultz
Maysville Office Manager: Judy Baker
Graphic Designer: Beth Hobson
Reporter: Ashley Gallagher
Typesetters: Tessa Widmer
Composition – Race Baker


All news items should be submitted by 5 p.m. on Monday the week of publication. All photos e-mailed to our offices should be in jpeg format. News items and photos may be submitted electronically by e-mail to news@gcnews-star.com. News items can also be submitted by clicking on the “Submit News” link located on this web site.


The Garvin County News Star welcomes Letters to the Editor as long as the letter meets the following guidelines:

1. All letters must be signed by the author. The News Star will not publish letters that are unsigned. Letters sent by e-mail must include the author’s phone number so the authenticity of the letter may be verified.

2. The News Star reserves the right to edit Letters to the Editor for length. Every effort will be made to convey the author’s intent if a letter is edited.

3. Any letters deemed liebelous or slanderous by the publisher will not be published or may be edited prior to publication to protect the author of the letter and the News Star.

4. Any Letter to the Editor supporting or endorsing a candidate for political office or a political issue will not be published. It is the policy of the News Star that such endorsements are best said in a paid political advertisement.

5. Letters may be submitted in person at our main office at 402 Williams, Maysville, Okla. or by e-mail at news@gcnews-star.com.


Display Ads – 5 p.m. Monday
Classifieds – 5 p.m. Monday

Why Advertise In The News Star?

Because we’re locally owned. When you advertise in the Garvin County News Star your advertising investment stays right here in Garvin County, helping keep our local economy strong. The money you invest isn’t relocated to another state, but is recycled back into our local economy. We print our paper in Garvin County; we donate ad inches and money to various civic and school organizations in the county; and we do a majority of our business with Garvin County merchants. As you can see, your advertising investment is not only an investment for your business, but it is also an investment in Garvin County. Call 405-867-4457 today to begin your advertising campaign.